Safest Places to Live in Nigeria

Nigeria is a beautiful country filled with happy people. Unfortunately, Insecurity, bad road networks, epileptic electricity supply just to mention a few are amongst the many vices that constitute the mental image of someone who has never been to Nigeria. However, all these aren’t as bad as they seem as bad publicity of the foreign media is what makes the country percieved in that light. Foreigners, tourists, Nigerians in diaspora wanting to visit this great country of ours might be scared because they feel no place is safe. Some of the safest cities in Nigeria compiled on this list are chosen based on some factors like no religious crisis, security, transportation, health care, economy, basic amenities, education etc. We can all relate that when a city has good health care, security, sound schools around as well as a stable economy, it provides a sense of safety and balance. Check out the safest places to live in Nigeria :

1. Lagos

Topping the list is the ever bustling city of Lagos. Lagos, the hub of all commercial activities might be over populated but is indisputably one of the safest places to live in Nigeria. The state spends a fortune on security, thousands of investors troop in by the minute and tourists and visitors flock in from all angles. The fact that there is zero religious crisis makes it even more habitable. The social life is at the peak with the ever so green parks, resorts and five star hotels. Lagos is a place to live in.

2. Abuja

The nation’s capital, Abuja, houses the most powerful person in Nigeria, the president. Lawmakers, senators, visiting dignitaries all live and visit Abuja as the case may be. The architectural masterpieces and beautiful scenery attracts tourists every year. Security is at its peak due to the calibre of individuals living there. Good roads and low crime rates is something this city boasts of too. Anyone who lives here has nothing to worry about when it comes to their safety.

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3. Ibadan

Ibadan is a small quiet city with very low crime rate and peaceful people. Although it lacks the hustle and bustle of Lagos, it houses it’s fair share of commercial activities and is an hour drive from Lagos, the hub of commercial activities. The crime rate is very low as is associated with close knit communities.

4. Calabar

Calabar is the number one tourists location in Nigeria. With the likes of Tinapa and Obudu cattle ranch, its easy to fall in love with this city and pledge to never leave. With these tourist attractions, Calabar has witnessed a boom in commercial activities and higher influx of people. Good roads, availability of social amenities and tip top security in every Street corner, what’s not to love about this state?

5. Enugu

Enugu is located in eastern Nigeria. The coal city as it is called has natural phenomena like waterfalls, caves and hills. Many investors have taken a liking to the coal city and invested greatly in luxury hotels and gardens. Enugu has low crime rate, we’ll equipped security force and friendly people. It is one of the few eastern states where kidnapping isn’t common.

6. Owerri

Owerri has been one of the safest cities since its inception. Low crime rate, buoyant economy and average standard of living makes people visit often. The government incorporates loads of security measures to help foster safety within the city.

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  1. Jos can no longer be listed as one of d safest places to live giving her recent records with boko haram attack

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