Samsung Mobile Phones and Prices in Nigeria

Samsung Mobile Phones in Nigeria have gradually become the most sought after mobile device ever since the release of the Samsung Galaxy S which most people refer to as the Galaxy S1. And ever since that release, Samsung swiftly became the number one phone for most average to high end Android users in Nigeria.

With the success of its mobile device all round the world, Samsung has released so many variants of the Galaxy S model ranging from S1, S2, S3, S4, S4 ACTIVE, S5, S5 ACTIVE, S6, S6 EDGE, S6 EDGE Plus, S6 ACTIVE, S7 and S7 EDGE and in recent time also released the J model which is gradually gaining success although the S model still remains the flagship mobile device of Samsung.

Samsung also has the Note model which is basically for the high end mobile users due to its high price and the range of the Note model has gotten from Note1, Note2, Note3, Note4 to the latest Note5.

With the fluctuating Naira against the Dollar, the prices of Samsung Mobile phones in Nigeria have almost doubled and due to this we have taken our time to compile a list of most Samsung Phones in Nigeria and their Prices for 2016.

Do note that the prices in this article were gotten from Slot Nigeria, the number 1 store for mobile phones and phone accessories in Nigeria.

We will do our best to keep this list updated for our readers, however you can also check the Online Slot Store for updated prices as well.

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Samsung Mobile Phones and Prices in Nigeria

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ 64GB B/W – ₦237,000.00

Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE 32GB (GOLD) – ₦232,000.00

Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE 32GB (B/W) – ₦230,000.00

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ 32GB GOLD – ₦225,000.00

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ 32GB B/W – ₦223,500.00

Samsung Galaxy Note5 (N920C) DUAL GOLD – ₦206,000.00

Samsung Galaxy Note5 (N920C) DUAL B/W – ₦205,000.00

Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB (GOLD) – ₦196,000.00

Samsung Galaxy Note5 (N920C) SINGLE GOLD – ₦195,000.00

Samsung Galaxy Note5 (N920C) SINGLE B/W – ₦195,000.00

Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB (B/W) – ₦195,000.00

Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE (GOLD) 64GB – ₦184,000.00

Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE (64GB) – ₦183,000.00

Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE GOLD 32GB – ₦181,000.00

Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE (64GB) – ₦180,000.00

Samsung Galaxy S6 (Duos) 32GB – ₦166,000.00

Samsung Tab S2 T815N – ₦164,500.00

Samsung A8 (A800) – ₦142,000.00

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – ₦138,000.00

Samsung Galaxy A7 (A710 2016 Edition) – ₦130,000.00

Samsung Galaxy A5 ( A510 2016 Edition) – ₦113,000.00

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (T555) – ₦104,000.00



Samsung Galaxy A3 – ₦85,000.00

samsung galaxy TAB E – ₦69,500.00

SAMSUNG J700 J7 – ₦67,000.00

Samsung Galaxy A3 – ₦58,000.00

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 – ₦53,000.00

Samsung Galaxy J5 (J500) – ₦52,000.00

Samsung Grand Prime G531 – ₦47,000.00


Samsung Galaxy J2 – ₦36,500.00

Samsung Galaxy J100 – ₦35,000.00

Samsung Galaxy J100Samsung Galaxy (J100) J1 ACE – ₦26,500.00

Samsung J110 J1 ACE – ₦26,500.00

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Samsung J105H J1 Mini – ₦23,500.00

SAMSUNG B360 YUCCA – ₦13,200.00

SAMSUNG B350E – ₦11,000.00

B313H BRIO TORCH – ₦8,500.00

Samsung Piton ‎B310 – ₦7,200.00

Samsung E1205 – ₦5,300.00

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