Starting A Battery Charging Business in Nigeria

Most electronic devices make use of batteries. While some batteries (non-rechargeable dry cell batteries) are replaced when they run down, there are however some batteries (wet cell batteries and rechargeable batteries) which can be recharged once they run down.

A lot of families in Nigeria own cars whose battery can sometime run down suddenly especially in cold weather or in the event that they mistakenly leave an electric car part on for a long period of time. The battery would need to be recharged by a battery charger.

Mobile phones are also very popular in recent times and it is like you have cut off half of the life of some individuals the instance their phone goes off. The epileptic power supply in Nigeria is also not helping matters as the light might not come up for over 3 days in some cases. This is enough time for 2 full cycles of your phone to go off, some times more.

Starting A Battery Charging Business

To start a battery charging business, you would need to get a shop first. You would also need a constant source of power supply which might include, but not limited to generator or solar power. PHCN is not an option except for the car battery charger in the event that the PHCN light is constant in the area. For the phone batteries, if there was PHCN light, you would most likely not have customers.

So those for phone charging would only come to you when there is no light, probably for some period of time. For car battery, you would need the charger from light to the battery. For phone batteries, you would have to have an extension with at least 20 socket outlets. You would also need at least 10 desktop chargers and maybe 3 to 5 popular chargers, probably the type commonly referred to ask blackberry charger and then a pin mouth charger.

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Setting Up The Battery Charging Business

While you can open up the car battery charging spot anywhere, you would have to open your mobile phone charging spot in a location where there is bad power supply. In fact, the worse the power supplies, the better for you. There are places that hardly have PHCN power supplies, those are the area you should target.

Another good spot is at popular places where transportation company buses stop while travelling for passengers to eat. Most buses stop for about 30 minutes and a lot of people always like their phone to be on when they arrive where they are going to so they can make a call. So they would want to quickly boost their battery. Once you are at a prime location, you would be able to make profit after expenses on fuel. You could also add sales of recharge card to the battery charging service.


Charging of batteries is a well demanded service in Nigeria for both car batteries and mobile batteries. You can start your car battery charging service anywhere in the country. Your phone battery charging service would however thrive better in areas where there is epileptic power supply.

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