Starting a Car Wash Business in Nigeria

The increasing need to have a personal car has made cars to become a necessity as opposed to the initial position that cars were luxury. Everybody thus, strives to get a car as soon as they can afford it. The high number of car owners has made businesses related to car a lucrative one including car wash services. Starting a car wash service especially in locations which houses family in the middle class would be a nice business.

The locations with middle class were chosen because most families in locations that houses lower class do not have a car. The few who have a car would most likely take time to wash it themselves or in other cases, the washing is done by their grown up children and relatives. They would however see it as a big deal spending money on washing of cars.

For locations with families in the upper class, such families in most cases employ a driver or a servant. So either the servant or the driver is responsible for washing the cars. Most middle class families however, drive themselves and are also protective of their kids and therefore, do not task them to wash cars. They thus have a higher probability of patronizing car wash services. This however does not necessarily make it impossible to profit from opening a car wash service in a location with upper class families or lower class families.

How To Start The Car Wash Business

Starting a car wash service is considerably easy as all you have to do is to get an open space around with access to water. In some cases, you might be able to get an idle land for free. In most cases however, you might have to rent or buy a land. So if you have the funds to buy or rent a land, that would be a more comfortable choice as it would reduce the probability of being chased away from the location suddenly which might result in the loss of your customers. If you do not have the funds, you can look for a land around and inquire about the probability of using the land for free before the owner needs it or paying a certain percentage, hopefully less than 20 per cent of your daily earnings for rent.

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Setting Up The Car Wash Business

Once you are able to get a land, you should get a source of water. If there is a river close by, you could use the water from the river. If you are lucky that there is pipe borne water in the area, then better. In extreme cases, you might have to dig a well, buy water from tankers and water sellers or fetch water yourself from the closest water source to a drum. With time, you might have to build a shed that looks like a car park to shield you and your customer’s car while working. You could also introduce home service where your customers pay a little more for you to come to the house to wash their cars.

A lot of families would opt for that once the extra price is not too much. This is due to the fact that a lot of people find it difficult driving out just to go and wash their car and come back. They are further irritated by the fact that they have to waste a few minutes waiting for you to finish washing with the other alternative being going home without the car and coming back without a car to pick the car.


Car washing services in most cases require only water and soap for you to work once you’ve gotten a place. Depending on the area, your charges may vary, but you can be sure of making good profit if you are at a good location.

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