Starting Up A Time Management Consultancy Business

It is often said that time is money. The implication of this saying is that the way you manage your time on a daily basis determines how much money you will have over time. The saying is often supported with the fact that everybody including a rich and poor man have 24 hours every day, the way you use your 24 hours of everyday determines what you make at the end of every day.

A lot of people have the tendency of being rich but are never able to achieve that due to the fact that they have poor management techniques. Time management is worse amongst Africans which have led to popular slangs such as Nigerian time and African time. This is one of the factors that leads to the general backwardness of Africans compared to other continents.

There is thus, a lot of people to train on time management in Africa and Nigeria making consultancy on time management a lucrative business.

Starting Up The Time Management Consultancy Business

To start the consultancy on time management business, you will have to first of all equip yourself on enough information on how to manage time. You should also live by the principles as people might want to notice how you apply your time management skills before inviting you. You would also require an office which should be well furnished.

You should be able to teach people on how to balance their work/personal life without both interfering with each other. You should also be able to teach them in details on how to manage their time effectively while at work and how to manage their effectively while at home. You should be able to make them understand the advantages of keeping to appointment times and the benefits of sleeping on time and having the recommended daily rest.

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Setting Up The Time Management Consultancy Business

You would need to reach out to people on the importance of time management. One of your major points would be the fact that a lot of people break down from stress on a regular basis due to poor time management. You should let people know that if they are able to manage their time properly, they would be able to achieve more and still have enough time to rest and attend to their family and other social needs.

You should also carry out a lot of advertisements as corporate bodies consult time management consultants regularly to train their staffs. Your advertisement should be able to convince people on the benefits of time management as many people don’t even know they have an issue when they go late to appointments or when they don’t achieve some of their tasks for the day. They just believe they were too busy.


Africa as a continent require a lot of training on time management. As a consultant on time management, there is thus a huge market for you. A lot of Nigerians however, don’t know the importance of time management. You would thus have to enlighten them on the importance of learning time management and then you would be able to start making profits.

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