Top 10 Best Federal Universities in Nigeria

Federal Universities in Nigeria are very useful and conducive place of higher learning. Although they may not be all you may expect but they are still a good place to learn. Remember that we have state universities in Nigeria as Nigeria has 36 states and there are quite a number of private universities. Everyone cannot afford to be part of the private universities but the federal universities in Nigeria offer a robust boost to student. Here are some reasons you may want to choose a federal university.

Why Should Choose a Federal University in Nigeria

1. Lower Cost of Learning

Although some federal university could really be too much burden on students, I have noticed that they tend to pay less. I had the privilege of attending a federal university so I know what I am talking about. You still pay but you pay far less.

2. Conducive Learning Environment

Do not expect much but at least the environment is ok for learning. I have visited a number of this university and I must confess that they are working on improving their study environment.

3. Quality Lecturers

Without prejudice to any other university, the federal universities have some of the best lecturers in the country. They sometime lend a helping hand to the state universities as these federal workers travel to state campus to lecture also.

4. Social and Cultural Mix

I really enjoyed my stay during my university days. I met lots of friend which I am still in contact with due to the cultural mix. You get to meet people from different location and parts of the country in federal universities. It was such a thrilling feeling.

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5. Career Path Possibility

There are numerous career courses that federal universities in Nigeria offer you. Most of these courses are grouped into different departments and faculties. We have environmental courses, engineering courses, arts and humanities, management courses, medicine and health related courses.

6. Easy NYSC Posting

This might not be a serious ranking factor but it sometimes help. The ordeal students on campus pass through just to go through NYSC at the state university is sometime a disadvantage to them. Unlike their federal counterpart, state universities are good but on few of them actually mobilize without much issue.

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