Hotels in Lagos: Top 10 Best Hotels In Lagos, Nigeria

There are so many hotels in Lagos Nigeria that one may find it difficult to list the top 10. For every income level, there is a hotel you may stay. However, there seems to be a common trend each time a client visits a hotel especially any of the top ten. Talk of how good the environment is, the swimming pool among other things. I have decided to write this article on some of the factors that are common to the best hotels in Lagos.

Hotels in Lagos: Top 10 Best Hotels In Lagos, Nigeria

  1. They Have Great, Lovely And Energetic Staff

When you walk into a top class place to spend the night, the way you are received and what happens there after speaks so much about the place. Most of this top list have great customer staff and it’s a thrilling experience.

  1. Superb Breakfast Arrangement

You have book a room and now your all set and expecting something for breakfast. Sometimes you will be asked what you need. Other times, the hotels comes up with a list and you select what you need. Either way it’s a good way to welcome a visitor.

  1. Fast And Reliable Internet Connection

You need to send an email for personal or business reasons. You want a place where the internet is reliable. Need a fast Wi-Fi network? Then walk into the top hotels in Lagos and you will see why they are among the best.

  1. Nice Shower And Bathing Tubs

One of the good things about these hotels is there shower and bathing systems. Makes you want to relax and stay forever.

  1. Beautiful And Well Equipped Deluxe Rooms
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Their deluxe rooms is another thing. So cutely arranged and furnished. You might even forget you are in Nigeria

  1. Spacious: Need more space in your room? You’ve got it among the best hotels in Lagos.
  2. Makes You Want To Stay Again

This is the real experience. It boils down to what the customers want. If it does not make you want to stay again, then reconsider it.

  1. Clean Swimming Pool

Love to swim? Then the top best hotels in Lagos have what it takes to help you get a healthy life.

The Top 10 Hotels In Lagos Nigeria

By Demand And Experience Of The Customers:

  1. The Wheatbaker
  2. Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel
  3. The Blowfish Hotel
  4. Southern Sun Ikoyi Hotel
  5. Oriental Hotel
  6. Intercontinental Hotel
  7. Federal Palace hotel
  8. Four Points by Sheraton Lagos
  9. Eko Hotels and Suites
  10. Protea Hotel Ikeja

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