The ranking of the top 10 best rappers in Nigeria and their net worth has been on the lips of many. The question remains, who is the best rapper in Nigeria? What is their net worth? after going through this post, you will agree with me at the end on who ranks as the best rapper in Nigeria in our top 10 countdown.

Gone are the days when high-life and Afro-juju genre of music ruled the day, there is a paradigm shift from high-life and afrojuju to Hip pop and rap in Nigeria, i remember back in the days when our parents in their youth, used to listen to the likes of Celestine Ukwu, Osadebe, Oliver De Coque, Rex Lawson and the rest, little did they know it was going to be a thing of the past in few decades. Today, there is this frenzy judging from the rate at which young Nigerians at their tender ages are already displaying their talents in rhyming and rapping, now with their mobile devices like laptops, iPads, Androids and the rest, they can at a spot compose a song or do a rap song and upload to any social media like Facebook, Instagram, twitter and the likes and before you know, it goes viral and Gbam!! the guy is signed to a record label! It is as easy as that. thanks to technology.

As true fans fans real hip hop, we decided to carry out an extensive survey to look beyond the depth of the Nigeria music industry, hitting the nail on the rap world and bringing to your door step the top 10 best Nigerian rappers and their net worth.

In our breakdown, we examined the contents and richness of their lyrics, symbolic depth of their rhyme skims, and how effective they can deliver by following every string of the beat with punch lines that keeps lingering in the ears of their listeners.

Today in our spell out, we bring to you the top famous rapper that has gained recognition through her blazing lyrics commercially and globally.

Here we have it, the top 10 best rappers in Nigeria from the least to the number one spot! Continue reading…


  1. cam down every bodies e ma name Jesus na su Igbo phyno z da best shout out to ma boss obago Xo it can come out ewotago

  2. Apart from baddo order rappers be like niger dem no dey reach final shout out to my boss olamide

  3. Olamide phino vector reminisce lil kesh…… Yeah i knw say no matter hw ee be if una the talk about rapper una need call this guyz number 1 for d game but make una no forget say sakodie stil the but no matter waitin happen i stil the beliv u n i go stil stand strong to b your number 1 fans shooouutt out to my king king badoo oger boss of Y. B. N. L

  4. I would say: give it all to mode9(MODO).. But MI is so incredible.. Being the best rapper it’s not just by doing commercial tracks. The use of metaphor,punchlines and word play qualify’s Modenine the number one. But, MI applies them too,but he sounds nice and more over,he’s more consistent than Moda..

  5. Na wa Ooo, where is reminise in ur post . Politics shaa in every thing
    Or you want to tell me Babahafusa (ibile tychoon) is not a rapper and doesn’t any rating.

    1. Are u okay… How do u measure best rapper? By net worth? M.I nd six are the one digging it for real, phyno too drop lines

  6. one tin I knew fully well about olamide Nd phyno is dat the are always compactable in every music’ so the can get along. feature them in hip op or christian music even oda1s the always do b l best……..I love those guy

    1. Every one cool down u people dont knw wot is going on in nigeria, c d best rapper in nigeria hipop is mich ejeagha, chika okpara and bro-okwe.

  7. All of na dey craze even if u dey blind u be deaf wu be m.i abaga.Itz Ur Boi OLAMIDE ADEDEJI (a.k.a BADOO)if u knw say u wan tell me say na lie i dey talk add me for whatsapp (08163438600)Y.B.N.L BOSS

    1. Sorry bro,the list is out,so mi is the best ,and if you don’t like it,it’s up to you because everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  8. The only thing that make me going like crazy is why people keep calling the music nigeria hip hop when really i did not received any single track that is full with normal English language them mix up with rap English, all what i found ’em own music is a tribes speaker maybe nig&as just need uneducated to be camp on every single track they do, but mk maintain 4.18 second rap gonna be 4.35 minutes beat, try to play mk status on, you will respect that language of real hip hop artist, please can you share a single track from a nigerian rapper full with English only, it is like a go look for school and study more up mk f6, did eminem system get more like on music?.

  9. when it comes 2rapping pls don’tb confused. don’t hear d bit but d message
    1 ice prince
    2 olamide
    3 young6ix
    4 spash
    5. phyno
    then others can b added

  10. We are not talking of cultura rappers we are talking about people that can represent nigeria word wide lets not talk base on trib or who we like most lets talk the truth MI, ice prince ,mod9,vector nito c the will be there befor anybody but mi na ba ba in nigeria and africa at larg sofar as musi is cunsin couse in africa nigeria is the king of music

  11. olamide na the baba…………………………………………..of rapper……………………………….and m.i reminisce, lil-kesh.

    1. na craz dey wory dis guy, how u go knw book for school sef, how u con arrange ur life, u no know ur life spoil lyl DAT if u no rearrange DAT stuf

    2. na craz dey wory dis guy, how u go knw book for school sef, how u con arrange ur life, u no know ur life spoil lyl DAT if u no rearrange DAT stuff

  12. See guys makin many hit dose nt make u the best rapper, everyone on dat list deserve to b there. But man cant b perfect so there were slit mistakes in d list. People who cal olamide / phyno num 1 hahaha i laugh cose even both of dem wil tel u dat people lyk MI,MODE9,ICE, are bosses. Am nt supportin any one here cose am a fan to all rappers in 9ja except 4 lilkesh. Listen to wat people say nd try to find meanin of phrases dey use. everyone on dat list are bosses cose dey all how to play dere wings very well. I swear i listen to more of olamide nd phyno than any rapper in 9ja but give respect to whom it is due, the best is the undisputed chairman,MI ABAGA.

  13. according to me oo
    1. Olamide
    2. phyno
    3. ice prince
    4. mode9
    5. vector
    6. Lil kesh
    7. chinko ekun
    8. M.I
    9 yungsix

    1. This is duty3d_official….best rappers accordingly are
      Jesse jags
      Yung6ix…king of the south

      1. Mi
        6ix….king of the south
        Jesse j
        Mode 9
        Erriga …warri
        But I think Mi is already an icon and should not be on the list do 6ix is the best


  15. I think there is misunderstand here when it come to rap vector own the game don’t quote me wrong when it come to flows him is there am not trying to claim hedesy here they are all good but V.E.C is the 1 rapper here take it or leave it KING.KONG

  16. how will you guyz call an indigineous rappers like olamide n phyno the best, when we have the likes of ice prince zamani,jesse jagz and Mi. how many times have olamide or phyno been awarded internationally or locally for there rap style,how many hiphop music do they have, how many tımes have they been nominated.. think well my prince,Mi,jesse jagz,modenine n vector and phenom

    1. iam zamani,
      Did you read the entire article and check the other pages?
      M.I was mentioned as number 1
      Mode9 is number 2.
      Ice Prince as number 6
      Vector is also there.
      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
      Do take your time and go through the post once more. 😉

      1. What did the so called olamide say at before I go broke with young 6ix NOTHING olamide is very borin

  17. 4 me M.I na u be de pure rapper 4dis niaja. pple are confusing demself by mentionin olamide and phyno. u can only call dis noisemakers when it come in term of cultural rapping.M.I i bow be4 u.

  18. when I see people call olamide best rapper, my heart aches….no rap head will call Olamide best rapper, is the dude even a rapper? gosh…listen and analyze!
    best rappers present in Nigeria in terms of relevance
    1.M.I Abaga (IM3)
    2.mode nine
    4.Jesse Jagz
    9.Naeto C
    y’all listen to rap poisons like Olamide, lil kesh and co then use it to spoil Nigerian rap Credibility!!!

  19. MI and Modenine control number 1. 2nd is Vector. 3rd Olamide and Phyno. whats the depth of olamide and Phynos lines?its not about noise or sold out shows. Being the best rapper takes brilliance and pure talent. saying Olmide or Phyno are better than MI and ModeNine is like saying DMX is better than Nas just because he makes more noise(i love DMX though)

  20. Look let me tell u all i use to pray all of there song, u all are talking trash the list is fine and gud, i love it.

  21. acordin 2 my own list 1. PHYNO= You people shoul take a loo at CONNECT, when PHYNO realese the track the track run all the city in Nigeria without stoping even people are nt igbo by triae the value the track as if he will nt realese another track again, PHYNO BABA UBAGO. 2. OLAMIDE=Make u na check eyanmayweather i never c dat type of raping b4 the only tin that hapen is that it’s 4 only yorubas cos if u dnt understand yoruba u will nt admire d track efile fun bado eyanmayweather. .3.LIL KERH 4. REMINECE 5. VECTOR 6. M.I 7. ICE PRINCE 8.CHINKO EKUN=

  22. Am street boy,am hustle evry day to get my point as a best rapper just lik a lilwayne an bedman i need artise who will b my fada curz i got a cramb in my leg yah

  23. D list z rubbish if we Ar 2 re-list olamide z d best rapper n Nigeria. dnt u hear 5 years back-back single heat. Who z m.i.4 confamation go nd download “sitting n d throne”Nd eyanmayther Badoo am a real. fans of u baba always @ d top

  24. Olamide after u na u baba 2 much oo pepple wey no like u make dem go die dis are my own rate shi dey 4get baba alaga (reminice oriye alaga).
    Chinko ekun
    Lil kesh
    Lil p nut
    Ola dips
    Yung tissy
    Eva alodiah

    1. Man, yhu dnt rate rapper out of hedesy, u r 2 self centerd, to me the rate of rappers should b
      1. M.I abaga
      2. Vector the Viber aka V.E.C
      3. Mode9
      4. Ice Prince
      5. Phyno (Connect)
      6 Jessy Jags (jago)
      7 Olamide (Badoo)
      8.Reminice (baba hafusa)
      9. Falz (D Badthguy)

  25. Rapin no be talk,,,,all of u guys ar stupid for votin phyno olamide i dnt even count dos once as rapapers,,,,,my guy if u won rap com to c.b.n,,,,,,,,nd shw ur tailent,,,,enibody wey no lik dem no dey hear english,,,,,all i knw b say olamide nd phyno no go eva for der lif carry african raper,,,,,,respect to c.b.n,,,,nd also king abaga tanks

  26. How can M.I be number one, when Mode9 is the, the rating of M.I and Olamide in Nigeria is purely a mainstream, they are over rated, one thousand years to come Mode9 will still be the Africa’s greatest

  27. I salute o MI king of all rappers…..”me vs u is worthless I am he who all ye rappers worship” – KING JAMES…all other rappers should learn from MI especially phyno, he has no flows or nice lines he just spits out trash In Igbo….

  28. File fun eyan may welder after him na him na him again i salute you no 1 ybnl nation oshe omo iyami emi mon ki no 1 star boy record

    1. all you dont know wat is rapping. Come to c.b.n then u will see phyno and olamide etc are none of the best rapper. Respect to my nitol boss LAWSON DAL

    1. you’re the [email protected] Rio,cos u know nothing about rap,mi is the best rapper in nigeria and in africa precisely,go and listen to chairman and illegal,you will understand what i mean

  29. Phyno is the best rapper, I don’t know wat dis people are talking. All I know is dat PHYNO is the best rapper even in africa. Assuming u guys read very well, u will c where they wrote”even the non-igbo speakers likes the line phyno’s rapping”

  30. Like SERIOUSLY Paper Boy is not in list ? REALLY thats not fair.For crying out loud Errigga is the best rapper in Nigeria cause he gat the rhymes ,the flows just name it he his the king of rap ,the king the south and of course the olorogun of hiphop

  31. what about phyno a.k.a the king of ezeke…u guys should download the music…phyno is the best rapper followed by olamide don’t stop….can u guys download zero rapper 2016 music he’s proves well their by ogene ft flavour

  32. Won ni ke ma fo fun mi eyanmaywelda koni da fun enibody iyalaya enibody am not sori bcus tani anybody gan! Olamide badoo is d best rapper of the season, year and he wil always be 4 life badoo sne

  33. Ehshe! Eehseh! Oya seh somtin somtin,sometin, sey ehsesebe!ehsesebe,seh aloabor! Aloabor! Sey ogadinma!ogadima,sey una feel ma guy,dont doubt it na badoo fit! EYANMAYWEATHER

  34. olamide badoosneh…I just dey feel una, for Nigeria top ten rapper ur name dey, top ten richest artist ur name dey…I just won be lyk baba…na u get am Eyanmay weather

    1. Reminisce still needs time to prove himself. He’s still not fully known in every part of Nigeria(only known by mostly south-westerners), this list isn’t cast in stones, it is subject to change as the music industry evolves

      1. Very wrong! Reminisce has been in the game. If as you said, he is still new in the industry, Phyno should not have made the list. Listen to “Ka Ko Bi Chicken”. Lemme even go and download the song again sef!

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