10)Deola Sagoe

Deola Sagoe  a finance and management graduate cum fashion designer

Hails from the south south part of the country, Ondo State in Nigeria.

She studied at the University of Miami and University of Lagos with a Masters in Finance and Management

This Nigerian diva is a believer of an age old colourful tradition which she translates into the many layers and complexities of her remarkable designs.  Deola’s Sagoe celebration of the African glamour and prints has gained her international fans like Oprah and Will Smith. She has also gained a lot of international recognition and popularity for her work with awards such as the MNET/ Anglo Gold African designs 2000 awards.

And in her own words, she is a woman with many layers ‘much like the multi-layered designs I craft.’ These layers consist of motherhood (mother to three wonderful children), degrees from the University of Miami, University of Lagos and Masters in Finance and Management. She is known for her creativity and this definitely speaks for itself as she continues to celebrate Nigeria in her own style.


9)Zizi Cardow

Talk of fashion, talk of Zizi Cardow, A multi-award winning designer, Zizi Cardow has been able to sell to the international scene, our cultures and fabrics. Since The label ‘Zizi’ was launched in the year 2000, as she keeps accumulating awards for uniqueness. Zizi’s designs have walked many a catwalks from Milan to Paris, Cape Town, USA and beyond taking Nigerian fashion beyond its shores.

She has gained as clients and fans, a lot of Pacesetters and powerful local and international dignitaries. Zizi was awarded a chieftaincy title to celebrate her as an ambassador of the society. She has given back so much to the world through so many mentorship programs and has also been rewarded for her involvements in awards like African Role Model Leadership Gold Award (2007), Pillar of National Development Gold Award (2007), Nigeria Enterprise Award for Excellence (2008) and Great Legend of Africa Gold Award (2008).

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She currently holds the number 9 position of top 10 Nigerian fashion designers.


8)Folake Coker, born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1974. After her education in Switzerland and the United Kingdom, She earned a postgraduate degree in Petroleum law and returned to Nigeria to pursue her fashion interests

She is the founder of the world famous brand Tiffany Amber. Her love for fashion was borne out of her exposure to different cultures from childhood, she schooled practically all over Europe (Switzerland, Scotland and England).

She has been internationally recognized for her in-depth knowledge of powerful colour creations and mixtures, which gives her the honour of the only African designer to grace the Mercedes Fashion week in New York two years consecutively. It is the reviews from international media agencies like CNN that has stamped the brand as, successfully, a true international brand.

She has given back to her roots through projects like ‘Made in Africa’ created by Vogue Italia in partnership with as a way of selling the African market to the world. Her designs are unique pieces for the everyday woman. A wife, a mother, a lawyer, a businesswoman and a designer, she is an African heroine!

She occupies the number 9 spot of top 10 Nigerian fashion designers.

7)Duro Olowu

The fashion giant Duro Olowu has been able to carve a niche for himself that even Michelle Obama, wears him. Based in London and of a Nigerian-Jamaican heritage. He has been able to stamp and convert the ancient Nigerian culture, spirit and turned that uniqueness into a classy, elegant fashion statement.  His designs have been characterized as colorful, controversial combinations of African prints in a classic seventies tailoring. Absolutely gorgeous! These wonderful creations have gained him clients like, Michelle Obama, Uma Thurman, Linda Evangelista and the list goes on., this lawyer by profession has allowed his rich cultural exposure to be the stepping stone to his success. He has received lots of awards and has enjoyed a lot of recognition globally. His favorite quote of mine is: “My job is not dictating to women what they should wear; it is presenting them with beautiful options.

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He occupies the number 7 spot of top 10 Nigerian fashion designers.


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