Top 10 Highest Goal Scorers In English Premier League

The English premier league as most football fans would agree with me, is the most competitive league when compared to the German Bundes Liga, La Liga and Seria A, though in contrast, they have managed to compete in the Champions League, other football power houses like Barcelona and Real Madrid has in the last decade dominated the Champions league trophy, as this calls for concern judging from the English premier league status in the world of football.

Well, in this post, we will be discussing the Top 10 highest goal scorers in English premiership. In the history of the English premier league, Thiery Henry, Wayne Rooney and Nicholas Anelka have since held the positions of the highest goal scorers, a feat which has been long standing, but with new talents coming into the English side, we believe it will be broken sooner or later.

Here we review a list of the 10 top scorers of all time, enjoy the ride!

Top 10 Highest Goal Scorer of All Time In English Premier League

  1. Alan Shearer (1992-2006)

Surely the great scorer of all time. Author of 260 goals in 441 games. is the top scorer in the history of the competition. Shearer played 14 seasons in the Premier League where he played for Blackburn Rovers (1992-1996) and Newcastle United (1996-2006), with whom he was proclaimed winner in 1995 and won three consecutive Golden Boot with 34, 31 and 25 goals respectively. Alan Shearer is the highest goal scorer of all time in English premier league.

       2.  Andy Cole (1993-2008)

In a track record seven teams, in which he scored 189 goals in 414 games, was certainly at Manchester United where he won, getting five league titles. Cole arrived at Old Trafford from Newcastle, and in his eight seasons as ‘red devil’ get five Premier Leagues and Champions. Then saturate Blackburn, Fulham, Portsmouth, Man City and Sunderland.

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      3. Wayne Rooney (2002- Present)

The only player on this list that is still active. The current England captain has scored 187 goals in 414 games. Rooney made his debut at 17 years with Everton, and after two seasons, he signed for Manchester United in the summer of 2004, where he has spent most of his career, proclaimed champion to five times and lifted the Champions League in 2008.

  1. Thierry Henry (1999-2007)

Arrived at Arsenal in 1999 from Juventus, Henry became an idol Arsenal. In his eight years at the Emirates, the French striker scored 177 goals in 258 matches and managed to lift a Premier League in 2004. In 2007 he went to Barcelona, but returned in January 2012 to the London club after an unsuccessful spell with the La Liga giants.

  1. Frank Lampard (1995-2015)

Being a midfielder and being able to make it into the Top 5 of scorers with 177 goals in 609 games, he is truly a talent. Lampard was formed in West Ham, where he spent six (6) seasons before moving to Chelsea, the club where he triumphed. At Stamford Bridge he won three Premier Leagues and one Champions League in 2012. He is today regarded as one of Chelsea’s greatest players till date.

  1. Robbie Fowler (1992-2009)

In his 17 seasons in the Premier League, Fowler scored 163 goals in 379 games. He started his career at Liverpool, his hometown club. In his 10 seasons at Anfield he got a Europa League and European Super Cup. His performance was declining and moved to Leeds for four seasons after signing for Manchester City. In 2005, he returned to Liverpool where would raise a new European Super Cup. His last team was the Blackburn Rovers, where he retired in 2009.

  1. Michael Owen (1996-2013)

Micheal Own who is regarded as a football idol in English football scored 150 goals in 337 games. Owen shone in his eight seasons with Liverpool, he won the Golden Boot twice and won the Golden Ball in 2001. ficharía for Real Madrid in 2004, but after leaving Real Madrid, his career began to nosedive and In 2005, he moved to Newcastle where he spent four unsuccessful seasons. In his three seasons at Old Trafford, he scored only five goals but still assisted his team to win the Premier League. And finally retired in 2013 with Stoke City.

  1. Les Ferdinand (1992-2005)

He scored 149 goals in 351 matches, Les Ferdinand debuted in the Premier League with QPR (Queens Park Rangers), where he played three seasons. His career at Newcastle (1995-1997) was arguably the most successful, becoming idol of the ‘magpies’. After six seasons at Tottenham he sold due to injuries, and in 2003 signed a year for West Ham. After a season in Leicester City, and retired from both club and international football at Bolton in 2005.

  1. Teddy Sheringham (1992-2007)

Teddy, as he is nicknamed, scored 147 goals in 417 matches in the Premier League. Most of his football career took place in his two journeys with Tottenham from 1993 to 1997, and from 2000 to 2003, although it was certainly in his four years Manchester United (1997-2001) where he triumphed, getting three Premier Leagues and the Champions League in 1999. in the final stretch of his career, a season militate in Pourtsmouth, and two at West Ham, leaving the elite to 41 years.

  1. Robin Van Persie (2004-2015)

The Dutch striker, still active, is the last of this list. He spent eleven seasons in England, where he scored 144 goals in 280 games. Van Persie joined Arsenal, where he spent eight seasons and became captain of the Gunners. In search of titles, in 2012 he left for Manchester United where he won the Premier League with the ‘Red Devils’ and also was the highest goal scorer, thereby awarded the Golden Boot in his first season at Old Trafford. Two seasons later, there was a decline in his performance on the pitch and was sold to Fenerbahce.

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Here we have it! top 10 highest goal scorers in the English premier league history.


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