10_31_AddictionLittle drops of water, little grains of sand, make the mighty ocean. Thats exactly how addictions come into play when not comtrolled. Its like a cancer that grows and multiply if not cut off at an early stage.

Practically speaking, only a handfull of addicts have come out of it successfully. It is best adviced to apply modesty in all your doings eventhouh you have to go extra miles, modestly go the extra mile as over ambitiousness kill dreams.


 1. Alcohol Addiction

Like the popular saying, excessive use of anything is bad.  Prolonged and excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to addiction problems. Use of alcohol in relatively small amounts can impair an individual’s ability to drive a motor vehicle safely, and is a factor in crimes involving violence, including spousal and child abuse.

2. Smoking Addiction

Cigarettes contain a harmful substance called nicotine. This highly addictive substance is the reason why smoking is such a difficult habit to give up. In this case, the earlier you quit the better.

3. Drug Addiction

When we talk about drug addiction, the average mind conceives hard drugs, but there are legal drugs that are also abused daily out of ignorance. Drug addiction includes both illegal substances and legal drugs. The problem is the same, whether your drug of choice is readily available by prescription or not.

4. Gambling

This is a very dangerous addiction that has ruined lives, loved ones and family units. People participate in this game of luck with a hope of winning a jackpot.

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It is an addiction when it becomes an uncontrollable and unstoppable act despite the continuous failures or better put, lack of luck. The best way to get out of it is to consciously force your way out as soon as you realize you are losing control over it.

5. Food Addiction

Food is a part of our daily lives, something that we all need to survive, and eating should be an enjoyable experience. A food addict is unable to control his or her eating during certain times and uses food as a way to deal with feelings of sadness, depression, or anxiety. Which has negative effects overweight


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