Top 10 Pure & Bottling Water Companies in Nigeria

The best pure water companies in Nigeria are not easily identified. There are numerous bottling and pure companies that produce bottled water for us. We have the common names like the Eva water and the Ragolis. In my resolve to ensure that I give you a good list.

I would like to state that the bottling companies we have in Nigeria are so many and most of them are up to standard at least by registration and the likability of the water they produce. If you take a closer look at my top ten list below, you will see that the big companies as well as the small ones made the list. I believe that credit must be given where it necessary as this companies over the years have distinguished themselves.

I chose the top ten based on popularity, likability and brand awareness.

There are more pure water companies in Nigeria that we may not know about but they render the very same service and their water is clean and good. I just felt it will be better to stick to the established brands since they have served us well.

This is not a sentimental list as I have traveled to Lagos and some other states in this Nation. More than half of the top ten in my list of pure water companies in Nigeria are known. The other ones were picked from my personal use of the product.

Best Pure and Bottling Water in Nigeria

  1. CWAY Nigeria limited Lagos
  2. AQUAPAC limited Amuwo Odofin Lagos
  3. RUSH premium table water limited
  4. EVA table water by Nigerian bottling company NBC Lagos
  5. NESTLE bottle water by nestle PLC
  6. SWAN table water limited
  7. RAGOLIS bottle water limited
  8. AQUADANA limited Ibadan OYO state
  9. MAB pure water limited Lagos island Lagos
  10. Astral waters limited Surulere Lagos Nigeria.
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You may add yours in the comment if you feel that I missed or omitted something. I hope you find the companies useful. For more information about their website, a simple Google search for the pure water company name will help.

So go through the list again and I believe this are the top 10 bottling water companies we have presently in Nigeria.

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Pure & Bottling Water Companies in Nigeria

  1. Jones Water Oke Ada Agos is one of the best. Since I move back from England, that’s all I drink. I found that other water brands make me ill. I love it.


  3. Koezstock table water in owerri imo state is the best, was recommended by my doctor as I came back from the states. It has the qualities of spring water in terms of taste and analysis. You can try it yourself you will never go back

  4. Your list is not worth it. Please google FARO Water, and see for yourself. That Company has UN and UNICEF international standards. Try and enter Aso Villa or someone who has ever entered there and let him/her tell you the Table Water Company seen inside, not only that let him enter many big busy men houses and offices, So many occasions. Let him try and enter Aliko Dangote’s House and see which table water he is drinking. See I am not talking about Popularity here but the best quality standards it has iin Nigeria. FARO Water was tested and screened before it was having the Worlwide and FIFA standard, because it was also the company that supplied water in the 2010 world cup in South Africa. Search all these thing before giving out your final list, you only worte these based on what you know not what is ought to be. FARO Water is the Number one followed by SWAN Water before EVA and NESTLE WATER. You need to search for this product and know it’s standards.

  5. NYSC Table water , Kubwa, Abuja is the best for i have ever seen. I served in Abuja and this water can only be compare to none in term of quality and packaging.

  6. 82.7% of a sample surveyed said they prefer Paschal water to some big brand water companies. This was based on water quality, taste, bottle appearance and lastly, price.

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