Top 20 Best Secondary Schools in Nigeria

See the best and top secondary schools in Nigeria for 2015/2016. We decide to formulate our own ways and method to pick the top secondary schools in the country. A lot of factors were this article, I will briefly explain the factors that we considered when picking the top best.

  • The Facilities Which the Schools Have

Walk into some of the listed schools and you might think you are on the campus of a polytechnic. I must confess that although I have never visited most of them but the few I have had the opportunity to visit were well furnished and look exquisite. There are more students and classrooms were well decorated. The environment commanded attention and most of these schools had a high number of students while others had a moderate number of students.

  • Well Provided with Teaching Aids

What is a school without teaching aids. The teaching materials include textbooks, notes, teacher’s pens and flannel boards. Most of these schools have well equipped laboratory. These includes the science laboratory, the arts theater and the

  • How is Their Performance

In the senior secondary schools certificate examination? Are they successful in various quiz competitions of past and present era?

We believe that for a school to be among the top 19 secondary schools in Nigeria, it needs to excel academically and during external quizzes conducted nationwide.

  • How Often They Appear in National Competitions.

The science teachers association of Nigeria among other similar organization carries out special mathematics quizzes and test. How well has the school done in these competitions?

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Listed below are the schools which we believe meet the basic criteria stated here.

According to the ministry of education, the top secondary schools in the country must also appear in national competitions.

Top 20 Best Secondary Schools in Nigeria

  1. Saint Michael’s International School
  2. St Gregory’s College
  3. Bedrock International School
  4. Christ the King College (CKC) Onitsha
  6. Fountain International High School
  7. Greenspring School
  8. Greet Fields Academy
  9. Hillcrest School Jos
  10. Igbinedion Educational Centre
  11. Kaduna International School
  12. Kings’ College Lagos Nigeria
  13. Lekki British School
  14. Loyola Jesuit College
  15. Lumen Christi International High School
  16. New Capital Schools
  17. Nigerian-Turkish International College
  18. Supreme Education Foundation
  19. Adesoye College
  20. St. Francis Catholic Secondary School

I hope you find this list helpful as we have taken great time to put this piece together.

The top secondary schools in Nigeria rank is done yearly. So the school which took first this time may be beaten to it in the later year.

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