Top 20 Richest Nigerian Musicians And Their Net Worth

Wanna know about the ranking of the top 20 richest musicians in Nigeria and their net worth? Music has been paying heavily in Nigeria in the last ten years. No wonder the average young Nigerians see music as one of the fastest ways to wealth and fame. Why not! When a good number of artists rose from nothing to something over the years, enjoying wealth that can only be imagined by their peers. The question is who is the richest among these musicians and how much they are worth? this list is penned in an ascending order, which means from the least to the number one richest Nigerian musician, enjoy the ride.


20. Patoranking

This guy is making name for himself in the music and entertainment industry in Nigeria and it is not surprising that he made the Top 20 richest musicians in Nigeria, although it has not been enough time since it invades the center of attention.
His hit song (Girlie O) featuring Tiwa Savage has raised over 4 million views on YouTube as the time of writing this article. Patoranking ranks on the bottom line of the top 20 richest musicians in Nigeria and his net worth is estimated at – $ 1,750,000

19. Yemi Alade

How did she do it? I do not know, but it is currently the largest female musician in Nigeria after Tiwa Savage Tiwa and can overcome in a couple of years, if not months. The first day I heard “Jonny” played in my car for one of the Nigerian FM station, I knew something serious was about to hit us.
Yemi currently has the most successful and most popular music video for any African female artist on YouTube. The opinions given for “JOHNNY” as this time is 13,435,171. Net present value of Yemi Alade is – $ 2,100,000 She ranks on number 19 on the list of Nigeria’s top 20 richest musicians.

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18. Chidinma Ekile

Chidinma has one thing going for her – she is extremely friendly. This alone shot their performance fees to take home and worth to an enviable position. From a mere competitor in MTN Project Fame to a household name in Nigeria, Chidinma created wealth than their peers could only dream about, enough to earn him a place in the list of the richest musicians in Nigeria.
His greatest video to date is “Kedike” with 1.2 million YouTube hit, followed by “Oh Baby” with flavor which currently has 600 thousand views. And collective views of about 5 million to their songs, the net worth of Chidinma is put in – $ 2,860,000

17. Duncan Mighty

Duncan Mighty refused to step one inch away from the Niger Delta oil. With unique hits, superior voice quality, and dance step to match, he is considered one of the most successful artists have come out of the Niger Delta region. Many claim his source of wealth is beyond just doing music, the fact remains that he graces the 17th position of the top 20 richest Nigerian musician.
His most popular song on is “Obianuju” and “Port Harcourt Boy”, which has a collective view of 3.1 million. With strong affiliation to political Niger Delta, mighty Duncan is estimated net worth is – $ 3,500,000

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16. Phyno

The only hardcore rapper I’ve ever seen in Africa. He does it like no other, providing new dimension to rap music in Nigeria and Africa in general. Phyno is for the Igbo that Olamide is to Yoruba, but it does it in a completely different way. So good that hate rap like me are being forced to like rap music.
Phyno is a genius. Everyone wants to work with him for good reason. It is hot in the market. His current singles are making waves in the market at the moment. He graces the number 16th position of the top 20 richest musicians in Nigeria while his net worth stands at – $ 3,600,000

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15. Ice Prince

He burst into the spotlight with “Oleku” featuring Brymo which currently has 3.2 million views on YouTube. Ice Prince Zamani is one of the best rapper in Nigeria. For me, it is better than MI in terms of flow.
A few days ago, the image of when I was younger and exciting hit the internet and you can see how far this guy became a naive boy to a world-class star! Ice Prince net worth is – $ 4,350,000

14. Olamide

Ranking the top 20 musicians in Nigeria can not be complete without including the baddo himself. One of the craziest rapper in Nigeria and Africa. The self acclaimed Badoo. Olamide built name and fortune for himself in the music industry in Nigeria. Since the day I heard his first song, I knew he was going to be big in the music industry in Africa.
His song with the highest view YouTube is “Eleda Mi” with 1.2 million views. He was able to overcome Patoranking due to the fact that he has several singles with views collective of more than 5 million. It is believed to be the mastermind behind the emergence of Shoki. current net worth of Olamide is put at – $ 4.50 million


13. Tiwa Savage

Welcome to Queen music in Nigeria, sexy mama, the first lady of Mavins Record! Tiwa Savage is one of the very few Nigerian artists whose average video is grossing over $ 1 million on YouTube. It currently has about five videos with each more than a million views. Her current album RED has just begun to make waves in the music industry, most especially the track he featured wizkid with a host of celebrities in the video!
His net worth is – $ 5,000,000 and may soon cross to ten this classification within the next couple of months. She ranks on the number 13th position of our top 20 richest musicians in Nigeria and their net worth.

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12. kCee

Currently making serious wave in the setting of Nigerian music, kcee a KCPresh former member is one of the luckier guy in the industry. He took the right hit at the right time, and the rest became history.
His hit songs “Limpopo” and “Pull Over” currently at 14.5 million views on YouTube collectively. Kcee equity is – $ 4,910,000

11. MI (Mr Incredible)

Regarded as the best rapper in Nigeria and arguably in Africa too, MI has built a reputation that will be very difficult for anyone to fit into. He is among the key stakeholders in Chocolate City Records and is credited with the rise to fame of Ice Prince Zamani.
For the sake of the record and the stars that came through him, we are placing MI at number 11 on the list. His current net worth is – $ 4,940,000

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