Top 20 Safest Countries To Do Business In Africa

safest countries to do business in AfricaIt is only imperative for a wisebusiness man, corporate organization, or country to carry out survey on safe havens around the world to do business or invest. wonder why individuals or corporate bodies spend millions of Naira and dollars for research and survey plans before investment in another man’s land? finding out potholes and grey areas in the environment where you want to invest is key to the survival of your investment.

These surveys and findings is boared around the nation’s security, government policies, tax policies and the likes.

Doing business in Africa can be safe and easy, and this article will reveal to you in a moment which countries you need to choose if you do not want to deal with ‘the typical headaches’ of doing business in Africa.

But here are good news for those who worry too much. There are countries in Africa where doing business is both safe and easy. So here we go – based on data from the African Development Bank:

TOP 20 Safest African Countries To Do Business In 2016

1. Mauritius

2. Gabon

3. Cape Verde

4. Seychelles

5. South Africa

6. Botswana

7. Cape Verde

8. Seychelles

9. Rwanda

10. Morroco

11. Mauritius

12. Kenya

13. Rwanda

14. Botswana

15. Ghana

16. Nigeria

17. Republic of Benin

18. Egypt

19. Namibia

20. Algeria

You may already see the trend but when you are planning to start up a business or invest, so we need to look for markets that are fairly dynamic and that allow easy expansion into other countries. Seychelles and Cape Verde are somewhat limited in this regard. South Africa is without a doubt Africa’s most developed market, but the real issue in the context of this very post is the high crime rate in South Africa.

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Rwanda is certainly among the top when it comes to the low level of corruption and the ease of doing business there. So it is a country to seriously consider. It does not have top scores regarding governance, but at position 15 out of 54 countries it is not doing too bad in this regard.

The winners therefore are: Botswana, Mauritius, and Rwanda.

Botswana, Mauritius, and Rwanda are all growth countries and governments are putting a great effort into attracting businesses and investment in. They are small countries, which are never the less attracting increased attention from the business and investment community. And Mauritius is even a tax heaven.

So if you do not want to worry about lengthy business bureaucracy, corruption, poor leadership, re-occurring conflicts, or high taxes then Botswana, Mauritius, and Rwanda are a great business and investment destination.

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