Wedding & Party Souvenirs/Gift Ideas in Nigeria

Wedding planning generally is a big deal, but planning a wedding in Nigeria is an even bigger deal. There’s always so much fuss about the occasion than what to do to make the marriage productive, which is quite unfortunate. Anyways, this post isn’t about marriage counseling 101, so let’s get to the point which is- Nigerian wedding/party souvenir ideas.
So imagine a scenario where you’re stressed out of your mind all in the name of wedding planning, you go through your list- cake, check, venue, check, blah blah blah, check, and then one of the most important things (important because Nigerians can almost kill for it at events, acting like their lives depend on it) hasn’t been checked on the list. What’s this magical thing? It’s the souvenir! At this point, thinking about a list of souvenirs to get might seem like a horror movie because it’s last minute and you just can’t afford the time.
Now this list comprises of a list of souvenir ideas to get your guests grinning like Cheshire cats. Take a look at the list below:

Wedding & Party Souvenirs/Gift Ideas in Nigeria

1. Perfume bottle samples ( e.g your wedding fragrance)

2. Engraved key-holder with the bride and groom’s      initials.
3‎. Mugs
4. Porcelain wares with bride and groom’s pictures
5. Table mats
6. Hand towels
7. Oven gloves
8. Wall Clock
9. Rechargeable lamp
10. Citrus squeezer
11. Set of plate, cooking spoons
12. Hard back writing pads with Ankara coveralls
13. Picture frame
14. Pedicure and manicure set
15. ‎Portable sewing kit
16. Letter openers
17. Pashmina for the ladies
18. Bar tool set
19. Customized salt and pepper shaker
20. Towel hanger
Thinking about Nigerian wedding/party souvenir ideas will be a thing of the past once you assess this list. Make sure to make a good choice!
Also feel free to add souvenirs/gift ideas by leaving a comment below.
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