wizkid's most expensive carTalking about THE RICHEST NIGERIAN MUSICIAN never goes complete without mentioning the likes of Wizkid and Davido’s rivalry financially, materially, talent wise and otherwise. There have been heated arguments from fans all over the globe about who the richest is.

Fans keep arguing about who is the richest between wizkid and Davido, now Lets take a cursory look into their net worth; you can easily decide based on their achievements, properties, and their endorsement deals and personal businesses.


Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun popularly know as Wizkid, Star Boy record CEO/Boss is regarded as one of the most famous and richest African Act from Nigeria. He kicked off his music career through one of Nigeria’s most celebrated songwriter and music producer OJB Jezreel.

Wizkid was born July 6th 1990, to Nigerian parents. He rose to fame in 2010 with the release of the song “Holla at Your Boy” from his debut studio album, Superstar (2011) under former record label EME (Empire Mates Entertainment) boss Banky W. 

The star Boy record Boss just added to the team a Nigerian American based act known as DJ Tunez, Wizkid is know for adding the best to his team so its not surprising.

Baba Nla doesn’t seem like taking off his foot from the pedal anytime soon.. Though many of his colleagues in the music industry see him as being proud, but he still keeps getting loved up by fans! lets not forget that Wizkid currently boasts of one of the biggest fan base in the entire African continent.

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With over 18 awards, 65 nominations, not forgetting album sales, current endorsements deals with multinational firms and considering the Telecomms (Telco) Giants in Nigeria, both local and international tours.

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Wizkid’s networth is within a staggering range of 2.9billion Naira.

davido's cars and net worth


Davido is an American-born Nigerian recording artist, Performer, Songwriter and Record Producer was born on November 21, 1992 to Chief Deji and Vero Adeleke in Atlanta, Georgia. His father is a Nigerian billionaire while his late mother was a university lecturer. He attended The British International School in Lekki, Lagos.

Davido studied Business Administration at Oakwood University prior to relocating to Nigeria. He graduated from Babcock University, Ogun State in 2015.

The HKN Music Co-owner David Adedeji Adeleke along with his elder brother Adewale Adeleke released his first single “Dami Duro“, in 2011.

He revealed that the inspiration behind the hit song Dami Duro was borne out of his ordeal in the hands of Nigerian police men, he narrated this during his practical presentation on  “How To Make A Hit Songat a yearly entertainment conference (Nigerian Entertainment Conference ) on how he was arrested, released, got home and wrote the song almost immediately, all in just one day.

Dami duro Crooner has a house in Lekki worth over 140million naira, he is a fan of luxurious necklaces, permit me to use the word swagishly known as bling bling in the music industry.

His two songs Aye and Gobe are currently having 15million and 11million views respectively on youtube.

Talking about his net worth, his newly acquired mansion in Atlanta Georgia, both interior and exterior is worth 33million Naira.

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Davido added to his fleet of cars, a Rolls Royce Phantom which costs over a 100million Naira, OBO is living a life people day dream.

It would be nice to know that the Omo Baba Olowo prodigy has just added a new line of business to his already existing businesses. Guess what! Its a new clothing line called “OBO Brand Clothing” coming this summer 2016. The young tycoon just keeps the money rolling in, the sensational singer publicly posted on His Instagram account on the 12 of April 2016 expressing his gratitude to God for yet another success, for his two(2) years endorsement deal with Pepsi, a multinational company, therefore making him join the likes of Wizkid, Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay on the payroll of the brand.

Nigerian celebrities are well known for keeping the worth of their endorsement deals secret, we ‘ll provide you with details of the worth soon. Kudos to Davido.

With over 27 awards and 55 nominations both nationally and internationally, not forgetting album sales, endorsements deals with multinational firms, telecommunications companies in Nigeria, and local/international tours. Davido’s Net worth stands at over 3.5billion Naira.

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  1. Obo baba is d richest e never use his father money bcos all d song wey he sing where he dey put d moni he just bought a new diamond watch nadavido be our baba nla wizkid dey mad e won allow obo bow down for him oBo is older dan wizkid

  2. Davido is d richest & most successful artist over Wizkid(papa pa pikin kanda) e young all tem wae u see am.

    Who told Wizkid’s parent not to be richer.
    Don’t u know how strong a foundation is determines its long existence ??

    When we talk about richness between d two, we first consider DAVIDO. It has been substantiated to d fullest.

  3. me afeezco ademola,wizkid and davido i like 2 of u ooooo….but i like wizkid pass davido?D reason why i like wizkid pass davido this x number08169525852

  4. Lolz, wonder shall never end indeed U foolish people say David get money from is father if na u if ur baba rich make u no spend it and wiskid that u said he get money from hustle na lie he get money first from his father and n because Davido father get money pass wiskid father that is the reason why you ar confused, wiskid, davido I foo for both of you God go bless you more

  5. both ar rich instead of u arguring on wat will not profit u. u guys should keep it up. my no 08128161196

  6. Davido and wizkid I really wish yhu guys d best in life…..bt i tink davido is more richer cuz d prove z there everybody can see it

  7. hw much wizboy and davido dey give una daily wey some won kill demselves on top their matter???

  8. Wizkid is the richest coz he hustled and davido is not as rich as wizkid coz davido owners inhereted money will wizkid sweats fo his sweets

  9. Wizkid and Davido are all the same , no rival , what I want to see is for them to buss up a track together and I bet you , it’s gonna hit more than Rihanna’s Work ??? Am Ishmeal popularly Known Homebwoy , you can reach me on +233 543 060 159

    Wizkid & Davido are the best Musicians in Africa and very soon will conquer the world ?

  10. Wizkid is 100% richer nd famous dan davido…wizzy hustled 2 get his maney whil davido inherited is fathers wealths, am very sori 4 those arguin dat davido z more wealdy nd famous dan wizzy cos dey knos notin in music…. i lov u wizzy, i am an upcomin talented musician, i want join *STARBOY ENTERTAINMENT GANG*….I want u 2 b my boss….i cnt compare u 2 any musician in d world….my number 09033166706

  11. davidos money is mostly from his father but wizkid is from his hustle , and WizKids has more endorsement than davido , therefore WizKids is far richer than davido

  12. I like you both.but the truth is that wizkid have talent more than davido.davido have money.but the money is from his father.i love u both keep on trying,09030833124:catch me out on Facebook omoba luckymilez

  13. My name is rapsodick and this is my comment to wizkid and davido okay i say wizkid make money from his talent and davido make money from his father i like that are wish i was davido i would have do more than him but wizkid and davido are friends but only one thing they want is for one person to bow down for another and it can’t happen that all. About me am an upcoming artist you can call me on 08144490500

  14. we should not choice wizkid or davido just because we like them most but because one is greater than the other so o.b.o is bigger than star boy for real from above

  15. F#$k all hittas how dare you post this rubbish post of davido being richer than wizkid. wizkid is rated among the most richest musician in africa why davido never made to the list

    1. bro when Forbes do it’s ranking, he’s looking at self made money not inheritance. wizkid has achieve more but Dovido has his family money that’s Y Forbes don’t count him

  16. how many of u love the word of GOD.heaven and earth,and all diz earthly tinz and men shall all pass away nd perish,buh his word shall remain forever.dust are we made from and dust we shall return.instead of wasting ur tym on dis earth serving nd lifting men which will not add value to ur lyf ,use ur days to serve GOD nd win dis heavenly race.thx

    1. Very happy to read this to cleared my doubt on d ish,at least my assertion about how rich OBO is true but i’d rather use my time more profitably than fight over 2 young successful celebrities who don’t know me.God bless them.Good bless Nigeria

  17. wizkid nd davido u have gon places,made money u are great people am encouraged dat soonest b4 I clock 25 mah name will blow I will stand b4 great celebrities, great people like u nd not b4 mere men mah dream 2 bcome a celebrity at a (singer,dancer,rapper nd intrumentslist) even being a producer by God grace.

  18. wizkid nd davido u are untop u guyz have gon places,made money nd u are great men wishing all d best wit your story am encouraged 2 stand dat I kw sum dai mah dream will bcom a reality ar a (singer,dancer,rapper,songwriter and intrumentalist) by God grace.

  19. wizkid is d richest but not depend on someone money but devido depend on is father money. for muzic industry wizkid de ontop devido becos wizkid hustle for is money but davido de had is father money to his money which is using it to top wizkid. but as for me wizkid na baba davido, starboi god go dey mek u dey ontop ur enemiez

  20. sincierely; i luv davido & wizkid i don’t care the richer, all i know is that i luv both of dem & their songs, and i pray and hope that one day i will be one of dem.

  21. Wizkid Z D Best Among D Musician, Bcoz Song Make Me Go Crazy Than Al D Song I Hv Been Hearing.Papa God Wil Bless U More Nd More For Ever U Knw Go Lack Any Ting In Life, Keep It Up My Star Boy.


  23. you guys are f*#lish nd jobless
    see this ones
    onah no go go think of ona life they argue about odas yet things
    Davido#is better Dan wizkindergatten by Farr so you guys shut down f*#kul

  24. U Ar Just Saying Wat U Ar Not No As 4 Me I Like Wizkid Than Davido Bcus Wizzy Wil Sing Gentle Ad Her Wat He Was Saying Respet 4 U Baba Nla Wizkid

  25. each time I hear the name wizybaby it makes me go gaga. I just have a special likeness infact, likeness is an under statement I Luv him naturally may God continue to bless your huzzle star boy. Luv you young Pablo…..

  26. anyime I hear the name wizy it drives me crazy just Luv him naturally, wizy really get swag. whether he is richer than davido or davido is richer than him I don’t care but the thing remains that I Luv his song. up you wizyyyyyy!!!!!!

    1. Wizkid baba nla..ur killin me,ur 1 of a kind na wich God creat u,my dear ur much i reli lyk u,pray 2 b lyk sumday God bless u keep it on…shout out…..2 u wizz baba…

    2. Name sir white.iro oo wizzy number one in lere baba born boi.davido give back ur father is moni let see how it will be………….iro wizzy for ever…shita one logos one

  27. davido u bi na bad wowo man, no yeh toc wizzy na jelusy if u no say u carry why u go yeh toc u be na beter boy wit no complain for ur life jst cntinio ar don add u more blessings for u and all ya family,wizkid u ar de cules fine i will be back very soon with fire we ar ur fan’s wizzy~wizzo i luv u dats why i hv part of ur name,ma heart de na for u wizzy call me WIZ~LINO

    1. Bobo no verce bt i prefer davido to wizkid if im bad dat a natural habit of musicians bt wizy he just want to show off his disignal and money bt davido is my natural on it im dey responsible

  28. I don’t know what you are arguing, recently wizkid just bought private plane, u are dere naw arguing about nonsense, pray 4 God to provide urs

  29. I love wizkid and I love Devido they are great super star so according to that my guy all we need is sponsorship from them so that we can b famous like them . u guys should stop arguing all this bla bla bla

  30. Anybody with wizkid or devido number to pls send it to me true this number 08065740271 thanks or p sq or timaya or 2face or banky w or d bang

      1. hey guy…wizkid na baba nla…davido naa obo…music was suppose to b a personal issue…sing 4rm lyf xprience…wat thrill people 2 move on in lyf…nat 2 brag about fame..if yu die wil yu tak it along???

    1. Look at u mistikal are u not ashamed of ur self. Ure testing ur num 2 wizkid .can’t u go out der and hustel so dat pepell will argue about you

    2. Star boy gat fans more than davido but davido gat money than star boy its equal so people stop wasting time nd make a difference frm ur life

  31. Davido’s father did not say WizKids father should b poor so don’t blame him or his father 4 someones weakness

  32. abeg wizzy is richer than davido, if U think I’m lying check dis year most richest musicians wizkid Na 4 while davido s 5 so stop arguing sh*t.

  33. wizkid is far better than davido cause wizkid more swag Dan davido wizkid suffered to get his money star boi respect to baba nla

  34. Wizkid and Davido u guys are brothers all I wnt from u guys is love, keep on doing gud dnt listen to anyone please; I like u guys.


    1. guy ur a f##l for calling my man wizzy baby ooh a f##l which music way him thief if u have something protect it he didn’t steal it f##l

  36. talking of wizkid n davido, wizkid Is richiest dan davido, why, because na his swet but for davido let him go back and thank his father for making him famous. wizkid is de best.

  37. for person to husle reach that stage Is not easy omo wizkid u try make I no lie wizkid baba NLA for sure shara to star boy shara to eme shara to the boss banky w

  38. l like WIZKID Bcs her like every star in der Industrie n her is One of der Stars WHO is giverble to every One, that one along can Make a man rich, So davido think his Familie is rich So her Don,t rispert in der Industrie. So money without rispert is moneyles So les give it to WIZKID, der artie WHO have cimpatire 4every One, n her ix der One wizzy, keep it up my only starboi

  39. U guys should blieve me actually I loved davido more dan wizkid…but d point is dat wizkid is richer,by all means bcus he’s rocking with his wealth nd nt davido who is rocking with his father’s wealth…APOLOGY 2 Davido

  40. am yungkel hails from ketu churchstreet am a big fans of davido and want to be like him if u comparing davido to wizkid for money u guys no well una dey beef d guy but all i knw his davido get money pass wizkid even wizkid himself knw but wizzy is a talented musician so as davido and i can wait for d two collaborations bur davido is d richest no doubt

    1. Let me tell u guys davido is the best nd for ur information he is not rocking his father’s money okay…… See wizkid he is a childish somebody… Davido abeg keep the ministry going don’t mind what people are saying cus oluwa gots ur bck

  41. for me H K N gang is d richest and popularly known in the world………
    davido is cute sexy…oh men i love u much.has money
    wizkid fit buy private jet…..

  42. una no get head wey una dey think atalll
    make una dey Nigeria dey count their mottors nd house owk.vry soon na go help me count my own 2,f*#lish people’s come life 2 count nt 2 get

  43. Davido is a good song writer, same goes with wizkid but the issue here is that wizkid and Davido are rich which all of us know but, to my own opinion both of them are doing the only thing they should do now is to help we the upcoming stars, the poor, beggars, with d money, bcus if not for we their fans dey wouldn’t have been where they are today so let them help us, instead of lavishing d money on girls n all types of rubbish, bcus dey don’t know tomorrow.

    1. Na salatu yu man there people who want to be like them with those luxury cars do some charty to upcmng artst be like michael jacson. me jst take them as brothers they are just the best u knw than watever shit u do one must jst be the best..keep the good work up guys thats your gift from god.

  44. Ah jez deY watch hw some dudes dey tok say David go buy wiz Nd pay im parents… Lemme tell u if don’t know dat It’s Wizkids family dat gat Teslim balogun stadium…

  45. People are just TYPING rubbish about the fresh guy called Davido or is it because his father has money, he have money because he work hard but what u all will have to do now is to forget and think of hw u guys can be like them one day…… Davido use his fathers money to start his music that is all but he is not using it again because he is now a boss on his own and…. wizkid was a poor guy now baba god has visit him now he is among the richest but i like Davido because he is well fitted and complete, i can’t say any of them are richer that each other but the two of them are tuaile….respect to u boss (O.B.O) OMO BABA LOWOO…

  46. Truly i love wizkid,y dnt u leave d networth n talk abt d money dave make in the industry since dae start dere career am sure starboy make alot profit in d music industry

  47. All wat i no is dat Davido is d richest & Wizkid is d most talented guy for music,God has naturally blessed him.
    I’m in both side,but i hav 2 giv d pride 2 Davido & Congratulation 2 Wizkid.

  48. Y are u all jt being premature. Ok, jt luk at it dis way. Davido has won d african best artist and african most valuable award bt wizkid has nt even been nomited d both, davido has won 24 awards y wizkid jt 18, davido has 29 bilion worth wizkid has 24 bilion, & yet u say wizkid d most richest & most talented. Plz tel hw. DAVIDO u too much abeg

  49. Wizkid is the RICHEST belive me palz. Wizkid is more talented than davido and wizkid is a song writer, while davido is a song buyer. He is not the owner of Gobe, Aye, nd so on. So don’t compare my honorable Wizfather with that untalented fathers hope called davido. Up Baba-nla aka WIZKID. Love all about you
    .Even Rihana said Wizkid is his mantype and Chrisbrown love Wizkid so much because he is so f****** talented.Much love to all Wizkid’s fans.

  50. caparing wizkid and Davido is like camparx Michel Jackson and sarkodie, wizzy is .more Dan Davido in talent, handsome, dressx , popularity , wealth , u name de rest . Davido is just rippx from his fada money while. wizzy made his money himself so pls don’t capare a super star with someone who force himself into music. I love you Wizzy baby . I remain wizkid fan for life, shout WIZZY!!!!!;!!;;!;!!!!!!!!;!.

  51. Say Davido get talent pass Wizkid na die I no gree na that sleeping tablet way he de give una na in una de call song abeg gerrara here men na Wizkid abeg Davido just de there de gallivant around with in father money say he b badest he suppose get money pass Jackson now bcos in papa na baba Abeg na wizzy in no easy to comot 4rm grass to grace Wizkid I bow for you abeg keep shining like the star u are

    1. U gujs re f**l for saying dat Davido richness is frm his fada. Cos his talent earned him much money.so dnt tell me nonsense.

  52. I don’t care to know who is the richest among wizkid and davido. all I know is that when i see wizkid it just seem like no other artist is existing what am trying to say is that i love wizkid with the whole of my heart keep doing it bro…u are indeed the best yaga,,,,,…

  53. oho my guys help m tel dem, na who say mk WizKids father no go hustle
    reach davido father. una dey jeolous say davido pass wizkid wit moni. davido na correct alhaji soonner him go pass aliko dangote

  54. M d biggest fan of davido no doubt,bt dat not d reason to lie…Davido is jus naturally blessed…vocally,financially,awardly,responsibility e even studied abroad na wa anymore story

  55. Hey Hey.Wuna Stop. Na Why Wuna De Make Noise? 2.9billion And 2.3billion Na Thesame? Evry Body Put Ur Hands For HKN. DAVIDO Na Oga KPatapata

  56. una knw say wizkid na de king ov de zanga why una the comper ram wit davido haba check am mana.WE STAR BOYZ ON THE HITS.

  57. do not think dat davido still collect money from his father but in dere worth wizkid has 2.3billion while davido has 4.9billion so davido iz d richest

  58. Weatin me i dey 5n na mak my 2 oga dem release track title frnds forever.bt wizkid pass davido 4 dere hard earn moni

  59. Mak dem look moni wea dem husle dem go see say wizkid pass davido comot papa moni look ur sweat davido na one of my favourite singer oooo bt ona no fit carry am compare my snr boi wizkid naaaa bt dere 2 to much dem dey try d tin wea i dey fine b say mak my 2 oga dem release track na wizkid ft davido title frnds 4 ever

    1. U guys should calm down wit illiteracy argument let look at d wikpedia decision who is higher? Then let look at the designer dat bot of dem wear look at davido wrist watch rolex worth N35m finally d tour is no more on ground is on Air in luxury private jet ans belongs u finally!

  60. I love u both.guyz we shoud nt be arguing ova deir wealth,buh concentrate on how we too wil get famous. DAVIDO_WIZKID are both rich.etz nt abt his fada bein a billionaire God has bless dem so Davido cnt refuse wat God has givin him.

  61. As 4 me I don’t av time comparing Wizkid 2 davido or davido 2 Wizkid.I only av time lukin 4 way 2 blike both
    I think u guys shuld not fight each oda.
    dem nor da carry money da enta grave.
    everybody na dust.
    I luv u both
    wish 2 blk u.
    u guys shuld 4gv each oda n stop envying each oda pls

  62. U guys are jst saying rubbish…..jst bluffing even Doh its father money wu inherit it afta he die…..nt wishing him death……NA person say maKe wizkid papa no get money……O.B.O……the money master

  63. Without comparing their parents money i hpe wizkid is richest than davido with all the evidence that have shown,be courage balogun forever.

  64. Wizkid is richer dan davido. Davido is simply using his father’s money to make mouth and is no good lat his use is money to make mouth wizkid is richer dan davido, thumbs up to the richest “wizkid” star boy 4 life.

    1. I entirely agree with you Omotola. Davido is just using his father’s wealth to add some zeros to his account. Wizkid is richer.

    2. Wizzy baby baba nla won,,,who is davido abeg? Dis year did not favour him i think he should work harder next year.As for star boy,he has been killin it and he’s still killing it.Ojuelegba was recorgnized as the top 12th song of d world according to american magazine even kylie jenner and alicia keys were rockin d songs in their homes so what are we saying.Am not saying Davido is not doing well but i’m a loyal fan of wizkid ‘teamstarboy’ so i think wizkid is more famous and wealthy because he worked hard for his fame nd wealth not not relying on anybody’s money to show off
      my love for wizkid tho eyin teamDavido abeg no vex and accept defeat..you can do better!

    1. i seriously doubt u bro, davido has been releasing hits upon hits and racking various awards, on the otherside, wizkid is nowhere to be found.. he needs to step up his game

  65. don’t predict pals we all know that davido’s daddy is a billion naira while Wizkid parent was not well wealthy so don’t think Davido is more richer than Wizkid

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