Yudala’s Contact Address, Email and Phone numbers In Lagos, Nigeria

Yudala, the self acclaimed online/offline biggest e-commerce store with a composite retail platform which combines the power of e-commerce with offline stores located nationwide in providing and delivering a wide range of quality goods and services from the biggest brands. Be rest assured that yudala is also on the list of best and safest online retail outlets to carry out purchases in Nigeria.

Yudala simply means Best Wishes, Peace of Mind and Prosperity, makes us to understand that you will get all these simply from dealing with them, Well, a try would do no harm in my opinion. It is a one-stop retail outfit, which makes it possible for a wide range of product transactions.

To lay complaints regarding dissatisfaction(s), defects in goods purchased or rectification of issues in various forms, below is the contact address, email and phone numbers of Yudala.

Email : [email protected][email protected]

Mobile : 07000983252 | 014607740

Yudala Head office address

1 Redemption Crescent


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3 thoughts on “Yudala’s Contact Address, Email and Phone numbers In Lagos, Nigeria

  1. I sent my phone to ur outlet (yudala) in Enugu on the 4th of January 2016. Since then I haven’t heard from them (Enugu). They just told me that the phone is still in Lagos. The model of the phone is innjoo note and my receipt no is 0005259. Please I will be happy if am reached to know the way about of the phone and how to collect it as soon as possible. Thanks as I anticipate to hear from you people.

    1. Greetings Mr Jude, thank you for your interest, we ‘ll get back to you via your private email address before noon tomorrow. Regards.

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